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A New Beginning
by Ben Koyl

December 12, Saturday – Psalms 30, 32, 42, 43; Haggai 2:1–9; Rev. 3:1–6; Matt. 24:1–14
(ESV Daily Office Readings Online)

This is my first Advent devotion ever, my first year as a member of Apostles Anglican Church, and my first Advent observance in over fifteen years. For one reason or another, I temporarily lost my faith in the transformative power Jesus Christ can have both in a personal sense and while working through a congregation such as Apostles Anglican Church. A few people may know my story, but suffice it to say that after many years of struggling and doing things based solely self-reliance, I fell. I fell hard, but by some miracle, I was picked up by Jesus.

You see though my mind was in tatters, I was running, for what I do not know, but one day I ran past Apostles and was intrigued. My Grandma Koyl was from England and I didn’t know that the Anglican Church was even here in the States so I looked it up and went to my first service. Through much personal reflection, prayer, kind words, gestures, and the fellowship of my new friends at Apostles and my family, I feel that I am starting to get my sea legs again. Jesus and my brothers and sisters in Christ, will continue to provide the foundation that I need, this much I know, and I feel very comforted in this fact. Even if I fail or falter, if luck doesn’t go my way, if something happens that is not in my control, I know that Jesus will be there in my prayers and through my community at Apostles.

We observe Advent and celebrate the coming of the birth of Jesus every year as we should, but this year Advent holds an extra special meaning for me. Advent is the culmination of what can possibly be described as “2015: my being born again” the advent of a new chapter in my life, which is a life where Jesus and I will never be apart. God bless everyone and Merry Christmas.