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Advent Reflections

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Trusting as We Wait
by Felon Wilson

December 20: AM Psalm 55; PM Psalm 138, 139:1-17(18-23); Isaiah 10:20-27; Judges 17-25; Luke 3:1-9

Throughout the Palms, David reveals his vulnerability and asks for everything from God. He makes it plain that all things can be and are done by God and that man is weak, a nothing. God will ultimately protect those who believe and follow his ways. We simply trust and obey. Specifically, we must remain faithful, trusting that God will protect us. Is it really possible to have this sort of faith? Was this a blind sort of hoping for a people who were accustomed to harsh lives and were just looking for something better? Or was it and is it a promise from the maker of the universe and the way to unload one’s troubles on someone bigger than us? Are we seeking guidance, and trusting as we wait, now in this “modern” age?

John preached and baptized as had been foretold by Isaiah. He told listeners they were sinners and God was all powerful and would separate the good from the bad, those that repent from those that do not. He made it clear that another would follow. As we know, the one that followed was the chosen one, again as had been foretold. Jesus explained the kingdom of God in a way none had (or has since) ever heard. He told of an opportunity to participate in the strength and saving grace of God, through him.

David and John waited and had faith. Jesus waited and had faith.   Can’t we?