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A few weeks ago I preached a sermon based on Nehemiah 8 when Ezra proclaimed the Law before the returned exiles.  A key feature of that story is that 25 Hebrews stood beside Ezra that day, a symbol that Israel’s laity were integral to the proclamation and interpretation of Scripture.

The Lenten season is devoted to the renewal of our covenant before God, a time appointed for fasting, repentance, and worship.  At Apostles we are devoting ourselves to Scripture with a renewed sense of purpose this Lenten season.  Instead of buying a devotional from a publishing house for our church, we will post daily meditations from members in our community as they interact with the Daily Lectionary readings.  These meditations are not a sampling of reflections from clergy alone, but represent dozens of voices in the Apostles community reflecting on the words of Scripture.  Every person has a testimony, a sermon, or a fresh interpretation of Scripture that needs to be shared.  This Lent we are encouraging our people to read the story of the Bible and interact with the reflections that will appear on this blog each day.

Please continue the conversation by posting your own thoughts in the comments section, too.  However you enter this Lent, let us all take on the conviction of our Lord Jesus in the wilderness:  “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

Jack King+