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Readings: Psalm 69, Gen 43:1-15, Is 55:6-11, 1 Cor 7:1-9, Mark 4:35-41 (These readings correspond with Friday, 3/21. I ended up giving two writers the same readings. So here is another reflection that resounds with God’s faithfulness in the midst of our weakness)
Today’s Writer: Stephen Green

“Lord, make haste to save us…”

In today’s readings we are bid by Isaiah to seek God, to forsake our sins, and to turn to God. We are then given a promise of reconciliation and redemption from God as result of our repentance. Lent is a time in which we are drawn to repentance, but it is also a time to meditate on the attributes and characteristics of God.

As I read today’s passages, I am drawn to meditate on His faithfulness to His people. David cries out to God for help and speaks the heaviness of his despair and the many troubles that he faces. In the midst of his lamenting, he speaks of the goodness of God. He does not ask God to be good, but instead asks that, in light of His goodness, God would act out of His very nature.

In our New Testament reading, Christ saves His disciples from the wrath of the storm, and they are amazed. He then convicts them for their lack of faith, and they are amazed. It is important to point out that Christ did not wait until they had faith to act upon their situation. He did not hesitate. This is a major testament to the nature of our God!

We know not whether David was full of faith when he wrote Psalm 69 or not, but we know that God is faithful to come to our aid even when we are faithless. The cross is proof of this fact! He came “while we were yet sinners” and out of His nature He delivered us. He does not rely on us, but instead sees our lack and calls us to faith that we might know and be known by Him.

Look closely at your life, and I promise that you will see a thousand places where Christ intervened; a thousand times He was faithful even when you had all but lost hope that He would come through. Let us not forget the faithfulness of God, especially as we stand in the shadow of the cross and as Resurrection Sunday lies just a few weeks away.

Praise God for his faithfulness despite our brokenness! Let us repent, not that we might earn favor, but because He is deserving of our obedience and love! Let faith well up in our hearts in the knowledge that He is our God. He will never abandon us in the darkness, and death will never overcome us.