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In Christ, God Did What Man Could Not
by Stephen Green

February 24, Tuesday – Psalms 45, 47, 48; Deuteronomy 9:4-12  Hebrews 3:1-11; John 2:13-22

Two characters are consistently involved in today’s readings:

1) Moses: the quirky man in the desert who went from having everything to having nothing, and then became the leader of a new God-formed nation.

2) Jesus: the quirky man in the desert who went form having everything to having nothing, and then became the leader of a new God-formed nation.


Now don’t you worry, the New Testament writers weren’t plagiarizing here. No, in fact this was something God uses for the help His Church to see and learn.

God established Moses and used him to proclaim the His glory and to begin the next stage in His plan for redemption of the world. Moses was a living example of God, and through him God revealed his love for mankind and the world. Moses was incomplete. He was still a sinful human, and he could never create the foundation necessary to make an everlasting Kingdom of God.

But Christ–the Author and Finisher of our faith, our beloved God and King–came down from heaven. He was not an example of God but God Himself. Jesus fulfilled the law handed down to Moses. Jesus was both the High Priest and the sacrifice for sins. He established an everlasting kingdom of peace and justice that was not bound by geo-political borders or by culture. In Christ, God did what man could not and showed us grace and compassion by doing the very thing He asked of us.

And yet, though we have Christ as our Head, we still continue to rebel like the Israelites of old. The difference is that NOW, our leader also dwells within us. He who became our sacrifice and fulfilled all that Moses couldn’t, bids us to come and die. So now we stand in preparation for the ultimate celebration of His established Kingdom- the “Independence Day of the Church.” We remember His greatness, and that we can go before our God freely and be reconciled.

So let us throw of the shackles of the past and not give in to rebellion as those of old, but instead cling to our God, in repentance, and join together with Him in celebrating His reconciling us to His side!

Grace and Peace,