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Holy Dust
by Mary Grace Mader

March 14, Saturday – Psalms 87, 90, 136; Jeremiah 13:1-11; Romans 6:12-23; John 8:47-59

We are instruments of weakness,

We are played by the one we call unholy,

Our hearts and minds desire to obey evil,

Our life is put into human terms,

Unholy terms,

Terms that shall never be spoken aloud,

But whom we call Holy knows the secrets of our burdens,

He knows us at our lowest estate,

Without him we are ruined and completely useless,

But by the work of his holy hands we shall know the benefits of enteral life,

We find ourselves a dwelling place in him,

The place we are finally free from our unwanted burdens,

A place where the moon and stars are governed by the night,

A place as strong as the bound of Israel,

We shall be not under law but under righteousness in this place,

He will be in the midst of our lives until the sleep of death,

Until we return to dust.


Image by Amanda Tipton (used by permission via Creative Commons).