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Today’s writer: Rickey Shipley
Repent of Lying Visions
In the season of Lent we are called to “give something up for Lent,” and the hunger that we subsequently feel for that which is surrendered is to remind us of our hunger…and need, for God; His love, His forgiveness, His provision. It is a time of introspection that should be deep, meaningful, and, as CS Lewis called it, “morbid introspection.”
When proposing the question, “does Christianity encourage morbid introspection,” Lewis response was that the alternative was much more morbid. “Those who do not think about their own sins make up for it by thinking incessantly about the sins of others.”
Our scriptures for today leads us along a road of repentance and introspection fitting of Lenten season. The two Psalms awaken us to the goodness and greatness of God (How awesome are your deeds!”). The prophet reminds of our own heart’s propensity to cast “lying visions” that are not in keeping with God’s word…about us, about life, or about the world around us. The epistle declares that in Christ there is true freedom, as opposed to the world around us that teaches us a system of work and rewards rather than mercy and grace. And the gospel brings the lying vision to our doorstep, calling us to repent of our focus on the gift rather than the giver, and on our immediate felt needs rather than the God of the Psalmist’s heart. Lent reminds us to hunger for God’s goodness, for God’s vision, for God’s freedom, and for God’s provision. He alone can satisfy our hungry hearts.