Sundays – First Service 8:45a | Formation Hour 10:10a | Second Service 11:15a

Today’s Scripture readings:  Psalm 31, Jeremiah 24, Romans 9:19-33, John 9:1-17

Today’s writer: David Clifton 

During this Lenten season we take a journey of discipline with Jesus through
the wilderness. At its heart is a decision to resist the temptations of evil, and
to avoid all that would separate us from God’s love. Jesus chose to resist evil
and forsook every comfort that would divert Him from His mission, and break
relationship with His Father. His example revealed that God is most present with
us in our trials and difficulties. The obedience of Christ is our inspiration, and this
obedience is God’s gift to us. His kindness and love bring us to repentance as we
turn from all that spoils our walk with Him, and in Lent we discover a new power
working within us as we decide to allow God into our places of weakness and

In our readings today we see a focus on our integrity and sincerity, as we trust
God in times of difficulty. Two verses, Psalm 31; v.12 and Romans 9; v.21
particularly caught my attention.

The word sincere is from the Greek ‘Sine Sera’. This is a compound word,
meaning ‘without wax’. In ancient Greece, porcelain was highly prized and very
valuable. Porcelain is difficult clay with which to work. Unscrupulous merchants
would try to conceal faults in the body and glaze of finished work with melted
wax. Customers would only purchase pottery from merchants displaying the
sign ‘San sera’. They tested the provenance and beauty by holding it up to the
light of the sun. This revealed any flaws, and showed if wax had been added to
cover up faults. I often ask myself “How do I measure up when my daily life is
held close to the light of Christ? What is His light revealing in my heart?” I allow
myself to be bathed in the light and love of Christ, and pray that the Holy Spirit
illuminates those things in my heart that deep down I know must be addressed.
My prayer today and throughout Lent is that all of us continue to become whom
we truly are in Christ, who is with us in our difficulties and making all things new.