Sundays – First Service 8:45a | Formation Hour 10:10a | Second Service 11:15a

Today’s Scripture readings:  Psalm 119:145-176, Jeremiah 25:30-38, Romans 10:14-21, John 10:1-18

Today’s writer: Kaye Freels

The theme of shepherds is present in three of our four readings today. In Psalm 119:176
the psalmist describes himself as a lost sheep and asks God not to give up on him. In
Jeremiah 25:34 we hear of how angry God is with his children, saying “weep and wail
you shepherds… for your time to be slaughtered has come.” Moving on to John 10:1-18
is Jesus as the good shepherd.

Everyone in bible times knew what a shepherd’s job entailed, hard work, long hours, and
devotion. Which makes me think of being a parent.

As a parent we make house rules for our children that we expect them to follow or there
will be consequences. Our children know the rules even when they choose to disobey
them. Even at the height of their defiance we know, sometimes hope, that in their hearts
they want us to seek them out to get them on the right path.

As a parent I have felt that I was justified in my anger over their disobedience. However,
I know that since I am human my anger is also fueled by my own sin of pride and

Then we see Jesus as the good shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep. I want to
be that kind of parent for my children. I don’t want to just work to get them to obey me,
to be good. That falls short. I want to teach them to know and trust the voice of Jesus,
and I want to shepherd in concert with Him.