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blooming flower

Planted and Blooming
by Mark Hedrick

March 31,Tuesday – Psalms 6, 12, 94; Jeremiah 15:10-21; Philippians 3:15-21; John 12:20-26

I suppose Spring is the favorite time of year for me: the days are getting longer, the grass is green, the wind isn’t as cold, and earth smells of fresh growth and turf. All these are signs of warmer weather to come.

In his commentaries for Everyone series, N. T. Wright states that in John 12:20-26 the fact that Greeks are asking to see Jesus is a sign – a sign marking that preparation is now over. Jesus has already entered Jerusalem, and soon it will be time to face betrayal and darkness, ending with the cross. Jesus will be “planted” – and He will produce much fruit. How would the Greeks be part of that? Indeed, how will we be part of that?

We too must be “planted” – but what does that look like? Paul tell us in our reading today from Philippians 3. The job of a Roman citizen in a colony like Philippi was to bring Roman influence to the city. Similarly, Paul writes, our job as the church is to bring the life and rule of heaven to where we are. That means acknowledging Jesus as Lord in all things. It means we are praying and living the Lord’s Prayer. This was the challenge to Christians in Philippi centuries ago – and it is our challenge today.

Blessings, brothers and sisters!