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by Angela DiCostanzo

December 7, Monday – Psalm 25:9, 15; Amos 7:1-9; Rev. 1:1-8; Matt. 22:23-33
(ESV Daily Office Readings Online)

The plumb line falls, pulled by gravity
Revealing emptiness every time.

No one can stand upright. No one knows
The way.
In time, everything falls—me and everything around me.

Gravity grieves me almost to the ground. I leave my idle songs and look to You.
“O LORD, please forgive! I am so small I cannot stand.”

The Lord will relent in a great, eternal
Releasing us from falling,

He will raise up a building for
Revealing uprightness and the power of God.

Image by Fr Lawrence Lew, O.P. (used by permission via Creative Commons).