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Image courtesy of via noerden_dk; Creative Commons 2.0

Image courtesy of via noerden_dk; Creative Commons 2.0

Yesterday, I preached about the importance of the Scriptures in our lives, not only for times of crisis, but for forming our minds and hearts in the image of Christ each and every day.

Here are some thoughts from yesterday’s sermon:

If you want to grow in the wisdom of God, I believe there’s no other way than to read the Old Testament, the Psalms, and the New Testament on a regular basis…

Without the Old Testament, I lose the story of God and the way his wisdom is revealed in history. Without the Psalms, my prayer life stagnates. Without the Gospels, I fail to see that all Scripture must be understood in light of Jesus. Without the Epistles, I do not see how the commands of Jesus are embodied in the contexts and challenges of community life.

The Old Testament and Psalms are treasures hidden in the field. Go purchase that field. The Gospel and the
Epistles are pearls of great price. Go purchase those pearls everyday and your life will be rich in wisdom.

(Full text of sermon may be found here)

Now that it’s Tuesday, it’s a good idea to make some plans to live into this call. To make things simple, I’m giving the resources I use for daily devotions, to digest the Old Testament, Psalms, and New Testament on a daily basis.

There’s a collection of daily Bible readings for ease of use here.

There’s also an app for that here.

The most important thing about reading the Bible is very simple: just begin. Today you can begin again. Don’t fret about all the readings you’ve missed. Jump into the stream that is the Scriptures and you’ll find yourself in the current of God. Very soon his rhythms will become your rhythm; his speech will shape your thoughts, your words, and your actions.