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Why It’s Good?

Good Friday commemorates the darkest hour in the history of humanity, the death of Jesus Christ. Why, then, do we call it GOOD Friday? Why do we mark this day at all? Why not let it pass and get right to the good stuff on Easter?

Christians from around the world, from liturgical and non-liturgical traditions, call this observance “good” because the death of God’s Son is how we are made whole again. It’s the reversal of the fall of mankind. The Apostle Paul writes in I Corinthians 15:21, “for as by a man [Adam] came death, by a man [Christ Jesus our Lord] has come also the resurrection of the dead.”

The Love That Sacrifices

The death of Christ is a sobering event on its own, but it calls us to a deeper understanding of God’s Love for us when we consider that He created all the world. God’s Word, the Son of God, became one of His own creations and then subjected himself to death at the hands of His creation. This amazing act of love shows us just how much God cares for us all.

So, on Good Friday, we consider what Christ did for us and how His sacrifice impacts our lives. It’s a chance to reflect on our brokenness and ask for forgiveness. Doing this strengthens our relationship with God and instills an understanding of our belovedness to God.

Join us

We come together on Good Friday to mark the sacrifice that redeemed us. This shared experience of love and devotion unites us as one body in Christ and reminds us of the powerful message of redemption and love at our Faith’s heart. This day is a truly special day for Christians. It’s a time to remember God’s incredible love for us, reflect on our lives, and come together to remember this momentous event as a community. As we observe this day, we are reminded of the importance of forgiveness, selflessness, and the strength that comes from our Faith in the One who gave himself for us. That’s what’s “good” about Good Friday.

Join us at Noon on Good Friday  (April 7th) to consider with us Christ’s sacrifice and be reminded of God’s unending love for us all.