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By Sandy Kizer

Matthew 16 & John 7

But who do you say I am?  This question was asked to Peter by Jesus at Caesarea Philippi.  Without hesitation, Peter unequivocally answered “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”  Jesus responded to Peter by saying “Flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven.”  (Matt. 16:16-17)

Jesus had been performing many miracles among Gentiles in and around Jerusalem.  The talk was, “Who is this man?”  The Jewish leaders believed he was causing a commotion among the crowd.  Some believed in Him, but some were afraid to confess their belief in Him, even after seeing his miracles and hearing the truth of His teaching, which flowed from His union with God the Father.  Because He had not been taught in the rabbinical tradition, the Jewish leaders questioned his authority, but they listened to Him.  His teachings, as recorded in the four Gospels, were based on the Old Testament, primarily as it applied to Him.  God the Father was His source of authority.

Because of His bold claims to be equal to God, several called Him a blasphemer and a liar, claiming he was demon possessed.  Jesus told the unbelievers that the time was coming when He would no longer be with them, and that they could never come to where He was going. (John 7:33-34)  But to the ones who accepted Him as Savior, He promised to come and take them to be with Him forever.

Scriptures tell us that all of us who pursue the will of God will recognize Jesus’ authority.  (John 7:17)  When we submit our will to God, we come to understand that Jesus is God’s Son.

If you are in doubt, submit to God and ask Him to reveal Himself to you.  Our desire for Him comes from what the Holy Spirit is doing already in us.  He will draw us to Himself.

Just as He asked Peter, Jesus is asking each of us today the ultimate question, “Who do you say I am?”  As He did for Peter, may the Holy Spirit draw each of us mightily to Him, and to confess Him as the Son of the living God, for to know Jesus is our only hope for salvation and eternal life.

Thanks be to God for revealing Himself to us in His word and through the Holy Spirit, and drawing us to Him.