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Exposing our False Self
by Kevin Mischler

March 12, Thursday – Psalms [83] or 42, 43, 85, 86; Jeremiah 10:11-24; Romans 5:12-21; John 8:21-32

I am wondering if the verses that stood out to me are because of where God is leading me in my journey. I am well into my second half of life and am working on shedding the false self that I worked so hard on building the first half of my life. I was quite good at supporting that part of me that wants to maintain a certain image and that denies my true self.

In Psalm 86, I am reminded of God’s great love for me. “For great is your steadfast love toward me.” If I truly believe that God loves me and is for me then why do I continue to fear and have so many insecurities? As Doug so wisely taught this past Sunday, I should embrace my weaknesses because it is our weaknesses that make us more dependent on God. Writing this devotion, for instance, has my fear of being exposed at full throttle. Actually a part of my Lenten resolution was to say yes to writing a devotion if asked, so that I would be forced to face this fear, but secretly I hoped not to be asked.

I continue to battle living from my false self, that part as Basil Pennington writes, is the belief that my value comes from what others think of me, from what they do or what they have. When we seek our value in things other than who God says we are, we are going to be discontent. He created us in His image.

Inspired by Thomas Merton, David Benner writes nothing is more important, for if we find our true self, we find God, and if we find God, we find our most authentic self. The more we grow and are transformed into Christlikeness the more we are who we truly are. The gifts and talents God has given us are not what bring us value. Again quoting from Doug’s sermon, we have been given gifts not for ourselves but to be shared with others.

I pray Lord in the words of Psalm 86:11 “Teach me your way, O Lord, that I my walk in your truth; unite my heart to fear your name.” Help me to be transformed more and more into your image for this is when I am my most authentic self. Lord “send out your light and your truth” Psalm 43:3. Expose any motivations that are living from my false self and teach me to grow in Christlikeness.

Image by Kynan Tait (used by permission via Creative Commons).